7 Proven Tips To Improve Local SEO As A Landscaper

Just like every other business owner, landscaping Truckee has to face the challenge of stiff competition. As you strive to get local customers’ attention, others within your niche are also making the same effort. Now, the question is: how do you get to lead the pack?
First and foremost, it is pertinent to put in every effort required to make your business visible to all individuals in need of your services. And the truth is that compared to other companies, general contractors cannot rely on the possibility of repeat clients. The reason being that even if you provide top-quality services and excellent customer experience, the chances of clients coming back are under “maybe,” and that will take several months or years. Therefore, if you would like to lead the “pack,” then be ready to bring your A-game to local SEO.
In this piece, we will delve into some SEO strategies that will display your business to your target clients and place you right above other competitions. With these useful SEO tips, your business will have a better chance of regular success. However, before we begin, endeavor to keep this at the back of your mind: Contractor is all about the local Game.
Here is the reason, as a general contractor, your ability to entice local business goes a long way in your success. And if you would like to dominate your local market, there is a need for you to apply a subtler Local SEO-specific strategy as such SEO is entirely different from the National SEO. Consequently, our policy will be centered on the local SEO and how you can master it to attract your target clients.
1.   Update your NAP Data
NAP Data is one of the easiest, but most effective strategy of local SEO. NAP Data is an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone number. To keep your business visible to possible local clients, then the three data have to be up to date in all regional directors where your business is listed.
It is possible that some weeks or months after your initial detailed submission to the relevant local directories, a change has occurred regarding your location or name. Failure to correct the affected lists may lead to the loss of several prospective customers because search engine crawlers consider local directory listing as a vote of confidence in your enterprise. Therefore, any data inconsistencies can off-put the search engines as well as frustrate the clients.
2.   Verify with Google
Getting your business verified by Google is quite simple yet presents your enterprise as a legitimate business to your local clients and the sight of search engine. If you are yet to verify with Google, endeavor to do so as soon as possible.
3.   List every service you offer
The building block to a successful Local SEO is Google My Business page. However, to use the Google My Business tool effectively, endeavor not to sell yourself short; submit all the services you render in like three to five categories. For instance, you may choose a home developer, general contractor, bathroom builder, and kitchen assembly.
4.   Get your Homepage optimized
Every customer should be able to find your business as a reliable brand through the information available on your Homepage. That aside, your homepage content should be able to entice the search engine crawlers, to display your business as a perfect option for local prospective clients.
Homepage optimization involves some specific tricks. Among the methods include your title tag. A title tag can be considered a reference book that tells readers what the content is about. A well-optimized card should contain about 50 to 65 characters. To optimize your title tag, you may use this format: General Contractor in (Name of City) – (Name of an enterprise).
Another aspect of your homepage optimization has to do with your meta description. The meta description of your Homepage should not be longer than 100 to 150 characters. However, ensure that it serves as a blurb for your business and endeavor to add a Call-to-Action (CTA) at its end. For instance, (Company’s Name) provides the top-quality (Name of Services) in (City’s Name). Reach us today at (Phone Number) for a free quote.
A visible headline, also known as H1, is also an essential aspect of your Homepage. The H1 is a short description of your business as well as the services that it provides. With the page copy below, you should be able to attract prospective customers and gain their trust. Endeavor to provide small background details, your service descriptions, and, finally, an engaging CTA. All these should not be more than 1000 words.
5.   Optimize your Service and Landing Pages
With your service pages, you have the perfect chance to explain your services to local customers. But as usual, endeavor to optimize it effectively as you have done for your Homepage. In-between your content, add rich keywords that will drive the attention of target clients to your page. For instance, “Bathroom remodeling in Georgia” will be a useful keyword to target customers who dwells in that area and need bathroom remodeling service.
6.   Create Citations and Links
To develop a citation for your business, all you need is to list it in any local online directory. This includes the local Chamber of Commerce websites to social media pages such as Facebook or Yellow. Once your business is listed among higher authority sources, search engine crawlers will give it higher credibility. You can also ante up your local SEO game by registering your business in local newspapers and other reliable business sources of higher authority.
7.   Leverage your customer reviews
Customer review serves as a significant component of gaining the trust of the local market. With positive social proof, local prospects will consider your enterprise as legitimate. A customer review is an effective means of promoting your business, which you should leverage as much as possible.
While these steps are simple, they are mostly overlooked by several contractors. However, as long as you consider these tips as your “subtler local SEO-specific strategy” and implement them, you will conquer prospective customers’ local landscape in no time.

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