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E-Commerce Solutions Consultants, LLC specializes in design and development of online shopping carts. We provide everything necessary to begin selling your products or services on the web.

ECSC provides a total solution, including front-end cart design, setup your secure credit card payment gateway, and ounting and inventory management, ECSC provides a total solution. Add e-commerce to your existing site, or start from scratch, we create professional functional websites used by millions around the world! Don't have a catalog yet? No problem! E-Commerce Solutions will work with you to develop an online catalog.

What is E-Commerce?
Simply put, e-commerce is the selling of products or services over the Internet. E-commerce can be as simple as offering something on a Web page and asking visitors interested in the product to send you money through the mail. It can also be much more complicated, utilizing shopping carts for customers to track the products they want to purchase, payment gateways that process credit card payments in real time, SSL to collect sensitive payment information, and store-fronts that can be customized and keep track of product inventory.

Once you're ready to delve into business on the Internet, where do you start? First you should become familiar with the various tools that are utilized in e-commerce, such as shopping carts, payment gateways, SSL, and store-fronts.

Shopping cart software, like the DEMO CARTS carts listed here, track products that the customer wants to buy. When a customer comes to the store pages, the shopping cart software assigns a tracking number to the products that the customer wants to buy. When a customer comes to the store pages, the shopping cart software assigns an tracking number to the current customer. Items that are added to the cart are associated with the tracking number for the order. When the customer wants to check out, all of the products in the shopping cart are added to the check out page. The software tracks the products with simple HTML tags that collect the product information.

Payment Processing
Most e-commerce sites use credit cards as the preferred method of payment. How you plan to process credit card payments determines whether or not you need an SSL certificate or payment gateway such as TrustCommerce.com.

Payment gateways provide a link from your Web site to the credit card processing company. If you want to process credit cards in real time from your site, then you'll need a payment gateway. The payment gateway will take the credit card information and send it to the credit card processor to determine if the sale can be authorized, and to verify the validity of the credit card. When a sale is authorized, the funds from the credit card are deposited in the merchant account by the credit card processor. Some payment gateways will require you to place your order form on their secure server, while others allow you to leave the order form on your own secure server. The secure server uses SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, to encrypt any information collected from the customer in order to ensure that the information doesn't get into the wrong hands. Fees for payment gateways vary; some take a flat monthly fee while others take a flat percentage of each transaction, or both.

Setting up SSL on your own Web site may require you to purchase an SSL certificate for your domain. Collecting the customer credit card information would then be encrypted and protected before being sent to the payment gateway. Customers can tell when they are at a secure site by the presence of the "s" in the http part of the URL. A secure site's URL looks like https://www.ecsc.net. Also, most Web browsers display a lock indicating that the site is secure and give a warning when entering or leaving a secure site.

Now that you're familiar with some of the terms used when thinking about e-commerce, how do you choose what products or services to use? First you'll need to evaluate your requirements for your e-commerce site. Is it a simple side project that you devote a small amount of time to or a full-on business venture? Realistically, how fast would you like to fill your orders? How will you ship your products to your customers? Do you want to process credit cards manually or automatically? What resources do you have at your disposal financially and personally? These are all questions you'll need to take into consideration when evaluating potential e-commerce packages.

It's also a good idea to ask others who are already involved in using the Internet to sell their goods. They will have already gone through the process of deciding which services and software to use and can tell you what, in their experience, works well or poorly, and how easy or difficult it is to use. Researching and asking others already in e-commerce will give you insight into things that you may not have even though to consider. Of course you could always just have your customers send you money through the mail and avoid all of these decisions!

Since every online Storefront will vary greatly, give us a call or click here to request a FREE site evaluation and proposal. We have many different options available, and we will be glad to work with you on whatever idea you have in mind! From the simple 20 item shop to the 40,000 item megastore, we provide the solution for you!

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You will be able to sell products, charge the customer's credit card, and ship the very same day. In price comparison to other alternatives of starting, owning, and managing a physical store, you can see why e-commerce is so attractive! Cut your overhead, cut your rent, cut your expenses and turn those costs into profit ... say hello to E-Commerce!

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