Diagnoses and Examination Process Done by Physical Therapists

chiropractic adjustingAs clinicians, physical therapists interlace in an examination process that involves:

  • Taking the patient/client medical history.
  • Conducting a systems analysis.
  • Conducting tests and measures to distinguish possible and present problems.

The Physical Therapists Perform Evaluations

To establish diagnoses, predictions, and ideas of care, The physical therapists perform evaluations, incorporating the examination data and deciding whether the difficulties to be addressed are within the range of physical therapist work. Based on their decisions about diagnoses and predictions and based on patient/client intentions, physical therapists:

  • chiropractic adjusmentWill give interference the interactions and methods used in controlling and educating patients/clients.
  • Will conduct re-examinations.
  • Will transform interventions as needed to achieve expected goals and expected results.
  • Will generate and will create discharge plans or methods.

Physical therapy can be done only by qualified PTs or physical therapists or by physical therapist assistants or PTAs operating under the guidance of a physical therapist.